Minimize Bullying Effects Day Camp (MBED), Mid-Atlantic

Is a day-long program of classes for Youth designed to teach emotional intelligence, self-control, self-awareness and resilience skills.


Minimize Bullying Effects Day Camp (MBED), Mid-Atlantic is created out of love for all young people, especially those struggling to find their identity.


We all know life is complicated. Reaching adulthood does not mean you will have everything figured out. You will continue searching, learning and experimenting your entire life, if you’re lucky.


MBED classes are designed to help you along in your journey to find out what you want to do, who you want to be, what you are good at, how you want to contribute to your communities, and much more.


Your sponsor is Flaws-R-Fab and we are thrilled to tell you about our very first Minimize Bullying Effects Day Camp (MBED), Mid-Atlantic coming in 2020!


More coming soon.