Angie’s VLOG #1


Journey from Website to Convention #1

January 26, 2018

Hello. My name is Angela Green. I want to mention a plan I have to you with the hope you might have some suggestions. Sometime in the future, I want to start a tradition of an annual convention for pre-teens and teens or young adults (ages 12-21). I envision it starting out with a professional like author Carrie Goldman addressing the crowd about identity, ways identity comes under attack, and ways to protect it.

The rest of the day will consist of workshops or breakout sessions, designed to bring STEM education to young adults, and to build self-esteem. For example, how to code and build apps, how to master software programs like Pro Tools, PhotoShop, or Adobe Illustrator; how to be your own boss; how to shoot and edit your own short movies; the basics of research & statistics, architecture, gaming, etc.

I expect I will need money to offer a stipend to the professionals who would be kind enough to teach these workshops, a large enough venue, and enough food to feed everyone.

Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. I have no timetable. I figure it will happen when it is supposed to.

Thank you,