The mission of Flaws-R-Fab (FRF) is to teach Youth the skills needed to combat bullying, which include resilience needed to succeed in life. Our vision is a world where kids 8 to 18 have the tools they need to withstand any humiliation, isolation, torment, even physical abuse, that comes their way.


The impact we hope to have is to create an “Emotional Development School” to fill a gap where regular schools fall short. Further, we want to lessen neighborhood tensions by addressing the PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS bullying has created. FRF is working on a special project we are calling Minimizing Bullying Effects Day Camp (MBED). There is a group of 18 professional volunteers who have joined FRF specifically to help pull this together. This group consists of therapists, researchers, Youth advocates, authors, principals, teachers, a public affairs specialist, and entrepreneurs. I have invited countless others and continue to invite more.